Creating a Review Template For an Employee

In order to get feedback from employees about their work performance or about other colleagues’ work performance using IceHrm, you will need to create a template under performance review. To do this:

1. Log in to the Admin account or also you can log in as a Manager or Supervisor.

2. Go to Manage -> Performance

3. IceHrm Performance Review module has four tabs:

a. Performance Reviews
b. Feedback Requests
c. Employee Feedback Templates
d. Employee Goals

4. First, you need to create an Employee feedback template.

5. Click on Add New in order to create a new review template. Using Add option you can create your questions.

6. When adding a question;
a. Enter the Question.
b. Then you need to select a Field Type –Under IceHrm performance review, you can add a few different field types according to your requirements. You can add a Text FieldText Area or you can allow Select Options or File Upload or you can also allow entering Date or Time.

If you select the Text Area or Text Field, employees will be able to type a single sentence or multiple sentences in order to answer the question. If you select the Select option which means you can allow employees to select over options. You can add the different options your employees can choose from under the Options FIeld.

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