Adding a Restricted Recruitment Manager

  1. Log in to the admin account.
  2. Go to the System section and click on Users.
  3. Then click on the User role tab and then click on the Add New option in order to create a New User role.
  4. Then you can give a specific name to the User role – For this one, you can use Recruitment Manager.
  5. Then click on Add to select the permission level.

6. Select the Table and then the Permission level you need to grant and then click on Save ( According to the above example, this user only needs to view recruitment data and make adjustments, so we select List, Get, Add/Edit and Delete options for candidate, interview and application entities )

7. Now go to the Manage modules section under the System in order to assign the particular module to the new user role.

8. Then click on the Modules tab and search for the particular module.

9. Click on the edit button to make changes.

10. Select all the modules required for the recruitment process and add the created User Role to all of these modules and save changes.

Once you created the User role and then assign the module now you can go back to the User section and click on the User tab in order to assign this to the manager

11. Select the user you want to make changes to and click on the edit button.

12. Now change the User Level of the employee to the Restricted Manager user level.

13. Then add the Recruitment Manager user role which you have already created.

14. You won’t be able to save the changes unless you have assigned a Default Module. This default module is important because that’s what the users can see in their dashboard as they log in

Once you save the changes log in to the Recruitment Manager’s account, and it will look like the below. And the recruitment manager will only have access to recruitment modules.

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