with SAML (Okta)

Creating a Test SAML Application in Okta #

Since you are trying to integrate IceHrm with Okta SAML you should already have a SAML Application created with Okta. But if you don’t have an application here is a guide to create your SAML Application:

Configuring the Okta Application #

This section describes how to configure the Okta SAML application so it can perform authentication for IceHrm.

We assume your Icehrm URL is http://icehrm.test. Please replace this with your domain.

  1. On your Okta application following parameters should be set accordingly.
Single Sign On URL => http://icehrm.test/app/login.php
Recipient URL => http://icehrm.test/app/login.php
Destination URL => http://icehrm.test/app/login.php
Audience Restriction => http://icehrm.test
Configuration from Icehrm Test Application

2. Then under the “Assignments” tab, you need to add some users to this application. Make sure the emails [SAML name id] of these users are the same as the login email for IceHrm.

Extract Required Configuration from Okta SAML Application #

  1. Go to the “Sign On” section of your Okta Application

2. Click the “View Setup Instructions” button. This will take you to a page with some configurations you need to update on IceHrm

Update IceHrm SAML Configuration #

  1. Under the System -> Settings, SAML tab update the configuration using the values in previous step.
Icehrm SAML configuration

2. Assign users to your Okta SAML application under the “Assignments” tab. Make sure the name id of the assigned user matches the email of a user registered in IceHrm user under System -> Users

Icehrm Users

Assigned users in Okta Application

Enable SAML Sign-In #

  1. Under System -> Settings -> SAML tab set “SAML: Enabled” and “SAML: Auto Login” to “1”.
  2. Then visit your IceHrm login page and you should be redirected to Okta login page.
  3. Login in using your Okta credentials.

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