Defining work week and adding holidays

Table of Contents

Work week #

Work week defines the days that your employees are working. When an employee is applying for a leave, the workweek is taken into consideration. For example, if your company works only from Monday to Friday and if an employee applied for leave for two continuous weeks including weekends, Saturdays and Sundays will NOT be counted for leave application.

In some cases, companies need to keep different workweeks for different countries. For example, if your branch in the UK works half a day on Saturday then you can add that as shown in the following image. All the leave calculations of UK-based employees (employee: country field should be set to the UK) will be done according to the extended workweek defined for the UK.

Holidays #

Holidays define the list of holidays for all leave periods. It is advised to define all holidays for all the enabled leave periods. If an employee applies for a leave that includes a holiday, the leave for holiday won’t be counted. Just like the workweek, you can have different holidays defined for different countries. In the following example, 2022-12-18 is defined as a holiday only for the UK.

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