Projects And Clients For Timesheets

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Timesheet is a document that indicates the hours an employee has worked, separated by days of the week.

In IceHrm employees can edit timesheets under Time Management -> Time Sheets. The current week’s timesheet is automatically created and timesheets for past weeks can be created by clicking the “Create Previous Timesheet” action button on a timesheet.

Projects and Clients #

Before starting to populate timesheets you should configure projects and clients. This can be done via Admin -> Projects / Clients setup tab.

Each and every project is attached to a client. Because of that, IceHrm allows adding clients with basic information. Once clients are added, you can start creating a project for these clients. The client section represents both external and internal clients of the company. That way you can attach each and every project to a client.

Note: IceHrm is not a project management tool. Because of that we only store minimum details about clients and projects. This information is only used for Timesheets.

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