Saved Calculations

This section will cover how the Saved Calculations feature work in the payroll module.

Saved calculations are useful when you want to calculate a deduction or addition based on a percentage. But we recommend you use the Advanced Calculations feature for complicated calculations.

To understand saved calculations, let’s assume employees who earn more than 25,000 LKR monthly are subjected to a 25 LKR deduction. Let us see how we can implement this using saved calculations.

  1. First go to Payroll -> Payroll Reports -> Saved Calculations.
  2. Click on add new and created a saved calculation as shown below:
    In the example below, we have selected Basic Salary as the Payroll Report Column, because the calculation depends on the basic salary of an employee.

3. After creating the saved calculation, create a payroll column for it as shown below:

4. Now you can use this column in your payroll reports.

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