Understand the Leave Calculation

To understand how IceHrm Leave calculation works, Let’s take one employee’s leave entitlement as an example. Assume an employee Joined in 2015 Mar 20th and he is entitled to 25 Vacation Leave days for one leave period. The leave period for this leave type is not the employee’s leave period, it is from 1st Jan to 31 Dec every year. You can find the employee’s leave entitlement for each leave period separately under the show calculation. This is the total leave entitlement of the employee.

Let’s take a look at the calculation period by period.

Leave entitlement for 2019 is as below.

The leave accrue option has been enabled to this leave type. So according to the leave calculation for this leave period, he is entitled to 22.9 as per the accrual. IceHrm calculation is also showing how employee leave carried forward has been calculated for each leave period.

In 2017 this employee hasn’t taken any leaves so the total of leaves will be carried forwards to the next leave period.

In 2018 employee has applied for one vacation for this leave period. If we calculate based on that the manual calculation will be 25+25+22.9 – 1. So the total is 71.9 but the leave entitlement shows as 66.9. This is where we need IceHrm show calculation option to avoid human errors in leave calculation. According to the last screenshot, you can see the employee has -5 PTOs. Because of that, this employee is entitled to only 20 vacation days for 2018. With his requested leave he has a balance of 18. So the total leave entitlement is 18+25+22.9=66.9. Because of this show calculation option, you can easily find out the employees’ leave history.

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