Adding a new leave type

Defining leave types will help you and your employees keep track of the number of leaves they have, the types of leaves they are eligible for and makes it easier to define a solid leave policy.

IceHrm has one of the best leave management systems among all the HRM software. The leaves module is used to define all the elements required to manage the leave application process of your company including:

●Leave periods
●Leave types
●Leave rules

Leave Periods #

A leave period is usually a year but can be different according to company HR processes. Leave periods can’t overlap, which means if an employee applied for annual leaves in the leave period for “Year 2021”, his leave balance in the leave period “Year 2022” won’t get affected. This is the same for all types of leaves. Also if the leave period for the year 2022 is not defined, employees won’t be able to apply for leaves for 2022.

Leave Types #

The leave type tab defines the types of leaves that can be applied by employees.

Some of the basic leave types are:
1. Annual Leaves
2. Casual Leaves
3. Medical Leaves
4. Paternity Leaves

Adding a new Leave Type #

When adding a leave type you need to set the following fields


Carry Forward:


Admin can assign leave to employeesIf “Yes” is selected, an Admin or a Manager is able to log in as an employee (Please check switch employee concept explained in employee module) and apply this type of leaves on behalf of the employee.
Employees can apply for this leave typeIf “No” is selected; only an Admin or a Manager is allowed to assign this type of leave to an employee. (An employee won’t be able to apply for this type of leave).
Leaves per YearThis is the number of leaves that can be applied by an employee per year (or the current leave period). If the leave period is less than a year this is the number of leaves for the leave period.
Leave Accrue EnabledIf this is set to “Yes”, employees won’t have all the leaves added to their leave balance at the beginning of the leave period. Instead, leaves get accrued for every passing day in the leave period. For example, if for a particular leave type number of leaves per period is defined as 24 and the leave period (having 12 months) is starting from January, at the end of January an employee will be able to apply for 2 leaves of this leave type (24/12)
Leave Carried ForwardIf an employee has some leave balance remaining in the previous leave period, that amount will get added to the current leave period.
Percentage of Leaves Carried ForwardIn each year (or period) what percentage of remaining leaves should be carried forward.
Maximum Carried Forward AmountThe maximum number of leave days can be carried forward from one year to another. Set to 0 for unlimited.
Carried Forward Leave Availability PeriodFor how many days carried forward leaves are available from the start date of the next leave period.
Proportionate Leaves on Joined DateWhether the available number of leaves should be calculated based on number of days employees work in a given leave period. (e.g if an employee joined at the end of June, he/she will only get half of the number of leaves specified for the given leave type.
Leave Lock PeriodThe number of months employees should wait until they are eligible to apply for the leave type from the joined date. Set this field to none if this is not applicable to your leave type.
Leave Notice PeriodSpecify how many days in advance employees should apply for leave.

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