Understanding User Levels

When you want to give privilege to a particular user, you can do this by changing the User Level of the user or using the IceHrm User Role option.

With the updated user permission module IceHrm now supports the following user levels:

  1. Admin
  2. Manager
  3. Employee
  4. Restricted Admin
  5. Restricted Manager
  6. Restricted Employee

Admin user level has all the access to the IceHrm account, while the manager has limited access to administration functionalities.

For example, under the leave module, a manager can see their subordinates’ leave days, can approve leaves, and grant leaves. But as an admin, you can see leave requests from all the employees and act on these requests.

An employee has all the to use the platform as an employee.

Let’s take an example scenario to understand how to grant admin access to one of your employees or managers:

  1. You can log into the admin account.
  2. Go to the System section and click on Users.
  3. Then click on the User tab in order to make changes.
  4. You can select the employee you want to make changes to and click on the edit button.

5. Now you can change the User Level of the employee to Admin.

Now you can select the user level as Admin and click on the Save button. So the particular user will have all the access granted for an admin.

Use of Restricted User levels #

Restricted User levels are the same as the other user levels but with restricted access. If you have not granted specific permission to a restricted user using a user role, they won’t have any access rights.

Let’s take an example, imagine there is an external recruitment manager who will become a temporary employee of your company only to manage the recruitment related activities.

In this case, you can add a Restricted Manager and grant only the required permissions.

This will involve providing granular entity-level permissions to a user role. There are 4 Different types of entity-level permissions:

List – User can load the list of entities
Get – User can view an individual entity
Add/Edit – User can add data or edit data
Delete – User can delete data

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