Defining The Head Of a Company Structure

Let’s take an example of a scenario to explain this situation.

You have 2 offices in two countries.

● 1 Office In UK – Secondary
● 1 Office in USA – Main

You need to configure that your USA HR manager to manage all employees and the UK HR manager can only view the UK employees. To do this:

  1. Go to the Company Structure under the Admin module.
  2. Then select the department you want to make changes.
  3. Set a head (or a manager) for a department, as shown in the below screenshot.

4. Then go to the System -> Settings and change the below settings to 1.

After selecting your employee as head of a particular department, that employee will be able to view all employees under that department. You can appoint your USA HR manager to the Head office so the USA manager can see all employees. Then you can select the UK manager as the head of the UK office, so that manager will be able to see only the employees under the UK branch.

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