Denying Access to a Particular Module

Denying access to one module for a particular user is easy in the same way that granting access.

Example: You want to deny access to the training module for one of your employees

To do this,

  1. Login to the admin account.
  2. Go to the System section and click on Users.
  3. Then click on the User role tab and then Add New option in order to create a New User role.
  4. Then you can give a specific name to the User role and save.

5. Now go to the Manage modules section under the System in order to assign the particular module to the new user role.

6. Then click on the Modules tab and search for the particular module.

7. Click on the edit button to make changes.

8. Select the created User Role to the Disallowed User Roles option and save it.

After creating the User role and assigning the module now you can go back to the User section and click on the User tab in order to assign this to the user.

9. Select the employee you want to make changes to and click on the edit button or Click on Add New to create a new user.

10. Change the User Level of the employee according to your requirement (for this example, select Employee as the user level).

11. Then Select the specific user role which you have already created, disallowing the training module.

12. Set a default module and then save.

Log in as the employee and you will notice that the employee doesn’t have the Training module.

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