Visibility of Employee Documents

As an admin, when you add an employee document you can have the option to choose the visibility of a document.

The four visibility options you have when adding an employee document are:

  1. Owner – Admin, manager and employee will be able to view the document.
  2. Owner Only – Only the owner and the admin will be able to view the document.
  3. Manager – Only the admin and manager will be able to view the document
  4. Admin – Only the admin will be able to view the document.

If you want to hide an employee from viewing an employee document regardless of the visibility settings defined when adding an employee document, you can just set the Share with employee field in Document Types to NO.

For example, suppose you want to add a Personnel File to each employee and you don’t want employees to see this document. The document type for this type of scenario should look like this:

Now no matter what the visibility type is of the uploaded document, employees won’t be able to see documents with the Personnel File document type.

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