Creating a Custom Field For Travel Requests

You can create a custom field for the Travel Request Form under the Admin account. Navigate to Admin -> Custom Field -> Add New. Fill the below Necessary fields to create the new custom field:

  1. Field Label: Enter the name of the custom field
  2. Object Type: Select Travel Request as the object Type
  3. Field Type: You can select the relevant Field Type according to the requirement of the custom field.

You can add a Text Field, Text Area or you can allow Select Options or File Upload or you can also allow entering Date or Time.

If you select the Text Area or Text Field, employees will be able to type a single sentence or multiple sentences in order to answer the question. If you select the Select option which means you can allow employees to select over options. You can add options under the next field which is Field Options.

You can see the created custom field under the travel request form.

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