Setup Development Environment

Here you will learn how to set up your development environment for Icehrm.

This document explains how to set up the IceHrm development environment using Vagrant. If you want to use Docker for development please follow the instructions here.

Clone the Icehrm repo #

$ git clone

Check prerequisites #

You will be more productive when using vagrant for your development environment.

Install Virtual Box #

Please download and install virtual box for your platform from here:

Install Vagrant #

Instructions for installing vagrant

Then we need to install Vagrant host updater plugin.

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater

Build Frontend Assets #

Icehrm has two pakage.json files. Once under the root and the other one under /web directory. NPM should run on both locations

$ npm install
$ cd web
$ npm install
$ cd ..
$ npm install -g gulp-cli
$ gulp

Add Development Configuration #

Create file icehrm/app/config.php

$protocol = $_SERVER["REQUEST_SCHEME"] ? : 'http';
define('CLIENT_NAME', 'icehrm');
// ------- Vagrant ---------
ini_set('error_log', '/vagrant/app/data/icehrm.log');
define('APP_BASE_PATH', '/vagrant/core/');
define('CLIENT_BASE_PATH', '/vagrant/app/');
define('APP_DB', 'icehrm');
define('APP_USERNAME', 'dev');
define('APP_PASSWORD', 'dev');
define('APP_HOST', 'localhost');
define('APP_CON_STR', 'mysqli://'.APP_USERNAME.':'.APP_PASSWORD.'@'.APP_HOST.'/'.APP_DB);
// ----------------------------
//file upload
define('FILE_TYPES', 'jpg,png,jpeg');
define('MAX_FILE_SIZE_KB', 10 * 1024);

Start Vagrant #

The pre-built IceHrm vagrant box contains php 7.3 / nginx and MySQL 5.7 installed. Nginx configurations are loaded from icehrm/deployment/vagrant.

$ vagrant up

Then navigate to http://icehrm.os and login with credentials, admin / admin.

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