Leave Requests and Approval

This section explains the process of an employee applying for a Leave and supervisors, approvers, or admins approving or rejecting the leave request.

Applying for Leave #

Any employee can apply for a leave via Leave -> Leave Management menu.

When applying for a leave, the employee can select the period to apply for the leave, and then in the next step they can select what type of leave they want to apply (full-day / half-day or partial).

When the leave application is submitted, the employee and the supervisor of the employee will receive email notifications.

The supervisor of the employee can view leave requests via Leave => Leave Management => Subordinate Leave tab (Indirect supervisors also will be able to see/approve leave requests if the setting “Leave: Allow Indirect Admins to Approve” is set to “1”)

The supervisor can view leave request details and then approve or reject the request.

When the leave request is approved or rejected, an email is sent to the employee with the result.

The leave entitlement of the employee is updated accordingly. The amount of leave days is 1.875 because it has a full day (1), half-day (0.5), and a three-hour leave (3/8). 1 + 0.5 + 3/8 = 1.875

Canceling Leave Requests #

  1. If a leave request is not approved, it can be just cancelled by the employee
  2. For approved leave requests, the employee needs to send a cancellation request (via Leave Management, Approved Leave tab). This cancellation request will be sent to the supervisor and only when the supervisor approve the cancellation request the employee’s leave entitlement will be updated

Manage Leave Requests as an Admin #

An admin has access to all the employee leave requests via Manage -> Leave -> Employee Leave List. The filter button can be used to filter leave requests from older leave periods also. Admin has the right to approve/reject any leave request.

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