Creating a Leave Rule

A Leave rule is one of the unique and advanced features of ICE Hrm. Using leave rules you can overwrite the behavior of leave types for job titles, employment statuses, or even individual employees. The following examples will show you the proper way to use leave rules

Example 1 #

To enable all Software Engineers to apply for 20 annual leaves, you need to add a new leave rule as shown below

Example 2 #

Enable all Software Engineers who are permanent employees to apply for 10 medical leaves

Example 3 #

Do not allow contact workers to apply for casual leaves. Only administrator is allowed to apply casual leaves on behalf of them with a maximum limit of 5 leaves per leave period

Example 4 #

How to allow employees to take annual leave only after completing 1 year of service?

For this create a leave rule having the topmost department of your company and select the required experience to 365 days.

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