Understanding Users and Employees

A user is a person who can log in to IceHrm. It’s not required for admin users to have an employee attached but each non-admin user must have an associated employee. Having an employee added to IceHrm won’t allow the person to log in to IceHrm. You need to create a user with a Manager or Employee user level for that employee to be able to log in to the system.

Adding Employees #

Adding employees to ICE Hrm can only be done by the admin. The employee Id field should have a unique value. In order to complete adding an employee, you need to provide the job title, employment status, and pay grade.

Once an employee is added to the system you will be asked to create a user for the newly added employee.

Switching Employees #

One of the key features of ICE Hrm, is admins and managers have the ability to log in as another employee. This feature can be used to apply for leave requests, add attendance records, or update timesheets on behalf of other employees.

To log in as an employee, you can use the Login as button on the employee list or the “Switch” button in the top right-hand corner.

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