Assigning a Travel Request As an Admin/Manager

Admin/Managers can log into their IceHrm accounts. In the Dashboard, they can find the Travel Request module. Or Navigate to Manage -> Travel -> Travel Request -> Add New.

  1. You need to fill in the below fields to create a travel request.
  • Employee — You can select the employee to who you want to assign the travel request for
  • Means of Transportation — This means the methods of transportation
  • Purpose of Travel — Employees can enter a detailed description of the purpose of traveling
  • Travel From — Enter the start location of the travel
  • Travel To — Enter the end location of the travel
  • Travel Date — Enter the start date of the travel
  • Return Date — Enter the end date of the travel
  • Currency — Employees can choose a currency which they would like to get paid
  • Total Funding Propose — They can enter the exact amount or an estimated amount of the expense of travel

When an admin or a manager assigns a Travel request, employees don’t need to get approval. It’s been already approved by the manager or the admin.

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