Updated Payroll Example

In the previous section, we created a sample payroll report. In this section, let us add more payroll columns to the payroll report.

Creating The Payroll Columns #

Fixed Allowance Column
First, go to Payroll -> Salary and add an allowance named Fixed Allowance.

Now, create a payroll column to get the fixed allowance as shown below:

10% Tax Column
Create a payroll column using the advanced functions feature as shown below:

Salary To Bank column
Now let us calculate the Salary to bank amount. To calculate we should add the allowance and deduct the taxes.

Creating The Payroll Report #

Now create a payroll report as shown below with all the payroll columns we have created.

The processed payroll report is shown below. You can add your own payroll columns and customize the payroll module to match your company’s requirements.

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