Posting a Job

How to create and post a new job position?

Under the recruitment module, go to the Job Positions and click on Add New. Below are the main fields used to create a job posting. The following table will list out main fields used to create job postings.

Job CodeA unique code to identify the job position. Url for applying for the job position will contain this code.
Job Title
The job title
Short DescriptionA short description of the job position. This will be displayed when listing company jobs. The public URL for companies’ open positions is,
DescriptionFull description of the job position
Show SalaryWhether you want to show the salary range for this job position
KeywordsKeywords for improving search and SEO
Only active jobs will get listed
ImageAttach an image if you want to show an image with the job listing

Let’s see how to create an example job position using IceHrm Recruitment Module.

Ex: Job Position for Business Development Executive.

I have filled in the relevant fields according to the above job details. You can check this as an example and try creating a new job position.

Once you created a job position according to the above steps, you will be able to see the job post as below;

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