Predefined Calculations

This section will explain what predefined calculations are.

For your payroll report, you might need data from different modules such as attendance data, leave data, employee data, and so on. IceHrm has defined predefined calculations for you to get these data into payroll columns and then use it in payroll reports.

Predefined Calculation to Get Employee Department #

Let us assume that you want to display the employee’s department in the Sample Payroll Report we previously created. When using the Employee Data predefined calculation, you will have to mention the field name in the Function section of the payroll column. To find the field name, go to System -> Field Names.

Create a payroll column as shown below:

Now save the payroll column, go to Payroll reports and create the report as shown below:

Now process it. Once you have processed it, you will able to see the employee’s basic salary as well as the department as shown below:

If you want to change the order in which the columns are displayed in the payroll report, change the order in the respective payroll columns.

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