Defining Employee Salary Details #

Using the IceHrm Payroll -> Salary section, you can add employees’ salary details. You need to enter the salary details under this section so when you generate the payroll report, the system will automatically generate and calculate the data. We have three sections to do this:

  • Salary Component Types
  • Salary Component
  • Employee Salary

When paying salary to your employees you can have it divided into several components. When you create a new installation of IceHrm we pre-define some Salary components and group these salary components accordingly for your convenience.

Salary Component Types #

First, you can define the Salary Component Types according to your organization’s payroll requirements.

Example: If the salary component is Car Allowance, you need to create a salary component type for Allowance.

Salary Component #

Using salary components you can define all the component categories.

Example: For the Allowance Salary Component Type, you can create allowances categories like Car Allowance, Telephone Allowance, Laptop Allowance, or Internet Allowance according to your company requirements.

Defining Salary For Your Employees #

Once you finish adding the salary components, now you can enter the salary details of each of your employees.

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