Below are the blog posts you can refer, to understand each IceHrm Module such as Time Management, Attendance Management, Expense management, leave management, Recruitment management, and handling employee information.

Leave Management Module #

  1. How to make sure only 20% of the remaining leave days are carried forwarded to the next year? —
  2. How to allow a proportionate number of leave days based on the joined date & How to configure leave accrue? —
  3. How to use IceHrm software to configure a sick leave where employees can’t apply but only a manager can assign? —
  4. How to keep increasing the allowed leave balance for the year when an employee’s service is progressing? —
  5. How to allow only female staff members to apply for maternity leave? —
  6. How to show a specific leave type only to people attached to a certain department? —
  7. What is the relationship between leave carry forwarding and leave periods? —
  8. How to check details of leave balances/and request leaves for a given employee in the Admin account? —

Time Management Module #

  1. Basic Usage of IceHrm Timesheets —
  2. IceHrm Timesheets in Detail —

Performance Management Module #

  1. Performance Review Module in IceHrm —

Attendance Management Module #

  1. How to import attendance data into IceHrm? —
  2. What is the importance of Insight Module in IceHrm? —
  3. How to enable the Departmental time zone in marking attendance? —

IceHrm Attendance Tracking Mobile App #

  1. Attendance Tracking With IceHrm Mobile App —

Payroll Module #

  1. Payroll Module in IceHrm —
  2. Creating a company payroll using IceHrm —
  3. How to create a payslip template? —
  4. How to create a payroll report using IceHrm? —
  5. How to select employees for your payroll report using IceHrm? —

Recruitment Module #

  1. How to enable multilevel approval for an employee expense? —
  2. How to add an expense category? —
  3. How to request an expense as an employee? & How to approve an expense as an Admin/Manager? —

Travel Module #

  1. How to create a travel request as an employee? —
  2. How to approve a travel request as an admin? —

Training and Development Module #

  1. Conducting Company Training Events Using the IceHrm Training Module —

HR Forms #

  1. How to create a HR form? —

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