Viewing Employee Leave Requests

Employee Leaves #

The Employee Leave List tab lists all the employee leaves. An administrator can view details of leaves and take actions on it (Approve or Reject). Admin should usually use this feature when the Supervisor of the person who applied for the leave is not able to do it.

Employee Leave Entitlement #

All the employees are allowed to check their leave entitlement. It shows a summary of their leave balances for the current leave period.

Field Description
Available LeavesNumber of leaves remaining that you can apply during the current leave period
Pending LeavesNumber of leaves you have applied for but not approved or rejected
Leaves to be AccruedIf the Leave Accrue Enabled is set for the leave type, this will show how many leave days will be added to your leave balance by end of the current leave period
Leaves Carried Forwarded
Leave days carried forward from previous leave periods

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