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Get Organised & Store Employee Information Securely

All HR Departments require a system to store their employee details securely. IceHrm employee management system allows companies to centralize confidential employee information and define access permissions to authorized personnel to ensure that employee information is both secure and accessible.

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employee management system

Automate your leave management

leave management system

Are you still using excel to track you employee leave records? Is your current leave application and approval process too confusing?

Ice Hrm leave management system allows you to stop all time-off abuses and centralize all your leave data. It allows you to add your own leave types, make exceptions to individual employees and groups using leave rules and also supports leave accrual and carry forwarding leaves to next leave period.

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Track Every Bit of Time Spent

Are you still not able to track what your employees were working on whole last week? Don't you still have employee attendance records in a centralized location?

With the help of IceHrm Time sheets module employees to update their own time sheets and send those for approval to supervisors. The attendance module will keep track of employee punch-in and punch-out times.

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timesheet management, timesheet management system

Easy Payroll Reports

payroll, payroll calculations, payroll reports

Create payroll reports required for third party payroll processing applications or create payroll rules to calculate your company payroll via IceHrm payroll module.

We support multiple pay periods, payroll groups for applying only selected payroll processing rules to selected employee groups and exporting payroll reports.

Expenses Management

Expense claim management is a lot easier with icehrm expense module with increased visibility and proper approval process.

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expenses management, expenses management system

Quick Start Guide

A quick guide to most of the available features in IceHrm - Human Resource Management application including employee details management, leave management, expense tracking, training management and advanced configurations

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IceHrm has an open source edition which you can install and run on your own servers or a enterprise edition with whole lot of features.

IceHrmPro® is the latest IceHrm Product which gives you a lot more features than enterprise edition at a fraction of cost compared to other hr software

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Compare Editions

Opensource IceHrmPro® Hosted
IceHrm Core Modules
Both Enterprise and Open source editions developed on same core concept. But the core modules in professional and enterprise editions are more feature rich and updated with latest security improvements.
Company Information Management
Store and manage details about how companies, departments and branches of the organisation are connected
Employee Management
1. User friendly interface to manage all information about an employee on a single screen
2. Search qualifications, skills and other employee information across whole company
3. Ability to terminate employee contacts and mechanism for storing details of past employees
4. Ability to change employee field names as required by the company
5. Custom field can be added to record company and country specific information for employees
Leave/Paid time off Management
Basic features for managing employee leave requests
1. Define leave types
2. Manage working days for different countries
3. Manage holidays for different countries
4. Leave rules: adjusting allowed leave amounts and other conditions of leave types for induvidual or group of employees
5. One level for leave approval (employee requests the leave and supervisor approves it)
6. Leave notes
7. Leave carry forward support
8. Leave accrue support
9. Leave groups: ability to apply leave rules to custom groups of employees
10. Leave request cancellation
11. Ability to define percentages and availability periods for leave carry forwarding
12. Enable/Disable proportioning leaves based on joined date
13. Limit availability of certain leave types to groups of employees
14. Defining custom colors for leaves to be shown on leave calendar
Payroll Reports
1. Generate Payroll Reports for third party payroll applications
2. Ability to create custom rules to generate company payroll without third party payroll processors
3. Ability to have different payroll groups so different employee groups get payroll calculated via different rules
4. Export payroll reports to CSV
Track time spent by employees on various projects
Attendance Management
Monitor attendance of employees
Audit Trail
Audit log module will enable administrators to track each and every action of your employees
Document Management
Secure Document Store in Amazon S3
Performance Charts
Charts for monitoring attendance hours and comparing attendance with time sheets
Training Module
Module for managing courses, training sessions and employee attendance to training sessions
Expense Management Module
Module for managing employee expenses and expense claim approvals
Travel Management Module
Module for managing travel history and documents for employees
Recruitment Management Module
Post jobs, store CVs, schedule interviews and more
LDAP Support
Default User Levels
1. Supports 3 User Levels (Admin/Manager/Employee)
2. Ability to restrict module access based on user levels
Multiple User Roles
1. Role based custom user permissions
2. Ability to create any number of user roles
3. Ability to assign multiple user roles to users in order to allow access to additional modules
4. Allow secure access to third party users IceHrm for reporting and outsourced administration
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