Deleting Employee Data

In order to delete an employee, an admin should first click the “Deactivate” button on the employee list. But we do not delete the employee data at this time. Instead, the employee is moved to the “Deactivated” tab. When an employee is in the “Deactivated” list, you can recover all the employee data with one click.

If you delete the employee from the “Deactivated” tab, the Employee profile will be moved to the “Archived” tabAt this point, you can not recover the employee, but still, you can download all the data of the employee in JSON format.

If you want to remove all the data related to the employee you can delete data in “Archived” also.

When billing for cloud-hosted installation, we consider the count of active employees and employees under the “Deactivated” tab. So if you do not want to get billed for an employee you need to delete the employee from the “Deactivated” tab also.

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