Setting Up Recruitment Module

The Recruitment module in IceHRm automates and manages your organization’s recruitment and staffing operations, simplifying the process from start to finish.

The recruitment module can be used to:

  • Post jobs
  • Let candidates apply for these jobs
  • Schedule interviews
  • Track candidate progress with notes
  • Share job links with Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter

Recruitment #

The IceHrm recruitment module is a set of tools designed to manage the recruitment process. As we all know recruitment is competitive, especially for those with much-needed technical skills, and is stimulating interest in sophisticated recruitment systems. So the IceHrm Recruitment module has been designed to improve the efficiency of recruiters and job seekers.

Under IceHrm Recruitment, you can find three modules as below;

Recruitment Set up — This is helpful for you to prepare the job advertisement. Under this category, you can edit the employment types, edit experience levels, edit job functions and edit educational levels based on your requirements.

Job Postings — This is the module that you can use to create a job advertisement and publish it on social media.

Candidates — Under this, you can store the details of the candidates who have applied for each job advertisements.

Recruitment Setup #

Using recruitment setup you can add/edit Employment Types, Experience levels, Job Functions, Education Levels, and Benefits. All this information will be used when posting a job.

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