Setup #

Not able to Verify Instance Key #

If you are having trouble verifying the instance key please access your Icehrm database via MySQL console client or a graphical database manager like PHPMyAdmin and run the following SQL command.

Update Settings set value = md5(value) where name = 'Instance : ID';

Leave Management #

How to add a leave type only visible to limited number of employees #

  • Create a leave group (Admin -> Leave Settings -> Leave Groups -> Edit Leave Groups)
  • Add all the employees that should see the leave type to above group (Admin -> Leave Settings -> Leave Groups -> Leave Group Employees)
  • Create a leave type and set its leave group to newly created leave group
  • Only the employees in step (2) will be able to see and apply for this leave type

Pricing #

How is the pricing compare between IceHrm cloud and pro #

The price for both depends on the number of employees you have. You can check the price for IceHrmPro here: https://icehrm.com/buy-icehrm-modules. This is a one-time fee and you can optionally renew the license after the first year to keep receiving upgrades.

IceHrm cloud subscription starts at 9 USD per month. The cost per additional employee starts at 1 USD but the per-employee fee goes down when your company is growing. You can get an estimate of monthly subscription by entering the number of employees you have here: https://icehrm.com/cloud-hosting-charges

How to Update VAT ID #

If your company is based in Germany you will be charged 19% Vat on your payment. If your company is based in another country in the EU other than Germany you will be charged 19% unless you have provided your VAT ID. You can update your Billing country and VAT ID under the Settings -> Company section.

How to make subscription payments #

When you sign up for a free trial, you get 45 days. Then you can upgrade anytime you want as the previous. Once upgraded you will get an email with a link to make a payment. You can view all invoices and transactions under the billing module.

Also, you may make a one-time payment by adding credit to your account. Then each month when a payment is due we can deduct the correct amount from your credit so you don’t have to visit the link and make a payment every month.

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