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Email Settings

You can find email settings under System => Settings Module

Configuring Email with SMTP

For SMTP to work you need to have Net_SMTP installed

Email: Mode

This should be set to SMTP

Email: SMTP Host

If you are using local machine to send emails, set this to localhost. If not set the IP address of the server you are using to send emails

Email: SMTP Authentication

Set this to "Yes" if SMTP server authorization is enabled

Email: SMTP User

User name of the SMTP user

Email: SMTP Password

SMTP user password

Email: SMTP Port

Port configured in SMTP server (Default 25)

Email: Email From

From email address (e.g [email protected])

Configuring Email with Amazon SES

Email: Mode

This should be set to SES

Email: Amazon SES Key

Amazon access key Id (You can get this through AWS console)

Email: Amazone SES Secret

Amazon access key secret

Email: Email From

Authorized email address for sending emails through SES

Configuring Email with Gmail

Email: Mode

This should be set to SMTP

Email: SMTP Host


Email: SMTP Authentication


Email: SMTP User

[email protected]

Email: SMTP Password

Gmail password

Email: SMTP Port


Email: Email From

[email protected]

Other Settings

Leave: Share Calendar to Whole Company

If "Yes" all the employees of company can see other peoples' leave schedules. If set to "No" only admins and supervisors will be able to see leave schedule of subordinates

Leave: CC Emails

Every email sent though leave module will be CC to these comma seperated list of emails addresses

Leave: BCC Emails

Every email sent though leave module will be BCC to these comma seperated list of emails addresses

Attendance: Time-sheet Cross Check

Only allow users to add an entry to a timesheet only if they have marked atteandance for the selected period

Recruitment: Show Quick Apply

Show quick apply button when candidates are applying for jobs. Quick apply allow candidates to apply with minimum amount of information

Recruitment: Show Apply

Show apply button when candidates are applying for jobs

Cron (Sheduled Task) for Notifications

Notification cron is used to send periodic notifications. Document expiry notifications will depend on this scheduler.

To trigger the scheduler you need to run following file

(IceHrm Root)/app/cron.php

Setting up Linux Cron

In linux environment a cron should be setup to run every 10 minutes.

This can be done by placing following line in your crontab. Depending on your server you can edit crontab sudo vi /etc/crontab

or you can use crontab -e commend

/10 * (IceHrm Root)/app/cron.php

  • make sure that (IceHrm Root)/app/cron.php file is executable *

Setting up Windows Scheduler

For setting up the windows scheduler please check

LDAP Settings

This section describe the process of configuring LDAP with IceHrm

php5-ldap PHP5 LDAP extension should be installed for LDAP to work. Also make sure all required outbound ports are opened

Before using please install php5-ldap module. R Run following command to install php5-ldap

$> sudo apt-get install php5-ldap

For using php ldap on windows please refer

No LDAP for user with username "admin" The user "admin" will always login with local db username and password (even LDAP is enabled)

Use these config to test LDAP connection with following test LDAP server

For more instructions visit

Issue with LDAP

If you are facing login issues after enabling LDAP, you can still login as user "admin" and disable LDAP

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