IceHrmPro - REQUIRES Windows, OSX, Linux RATING:
4.7 ( 121 ratings )

IceHrmPro® is the Best Self-Hosted

HR Process Automation Software in the Market

With IceHrmPro® get all the features provided in IceHrm Cloud.

Scalable and Enterprise Ready

IceHrmPro® is ideal for organizations ranging from 50 to 50,000 employees in size. If needed our operations team always ready to provide you support to make sure the application performs well regardless of the number of users. As long as you have an active licence we wil provide you with new releases and all the security patches.

icehrm enterprise, scalable, multiple servers
icehrm enterprise, scalable, multiple servers

One Time Purchase with Installation Support

IceHrmPro® comes with a perpetual license. Once purchased, you are allowed to use the application without renewing the license. You may renew the license at the end of the year to keep receiving upgrades.

For questions regarding license, please send a support request for further information.

Customize According to Your Needs

We understand that every company has slightly different processes when it comes to handling HR. We can customize your IceHrmPro installation according to your company needs. It can be a change to color or a date format or it can be something bigger such as building a new module to manage employee benefits. Also we provide support configuring payroll calculations.

icehrm enterprise, scalable, multiple servers
icehrm enterprise, scalable, multiple servers

Add your Own Extensions

IceHrmPro® provide an easy way to extend the application by adding your custom developed extensions.

Extensions can be developed by us or any third party developer. Our developer guide shall help you to get started with developing extensions.

Thinking of Getting IceHrmPro for Your Company?

You can now purchase IceHrmPro online and get started with your HR operations in minutes. Prices start from 499 USD.

Need Additional Support?

Do you need additional support to setup IceHrmPro for your company? You can select one of our support plans and we will make sure you receive the best support to configure IceHrmPro for your company.