Guidelines for Creating a Paid Sick Leave Policy – Leave Management

As we’ve seen, the trend to offer paid sick leave is growing nationally. The result is that some companies will be faced with creating a paid sick leave policy for the first time. Some companies are discovering that, with the right structure and oversight in place, a paid sick leave policy can actually be beneficial and can support employee productivity. Recordkeeping Matters Before establishing a new leave policy, employers should consider their particular business needs and decide whether it would be better to create a single bank of “paid time off” (PTO) to be accrued for vacation, sick days and other […]


These Are the Companies With the Best Parental Leave Policies

Note before you start reading: Ice Hrm has one of the most brilliant leave management modules among compared to all other HRM software available in the market. We have made it in such a way that the leave modules can be customised to server any all most all the types of leave policies available.    Earlier this week, Amazon announced that it would expand its leave policy for new moms and extend the policy to dads for the first time. It’s just the latest tech company to do so, as Silicon Valley realizes the best way to attract top talent […]


Worst Human Resources Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

HR mistakes come in many different forms, and thankfully, they are not usually as obvious—or as offensive—as the daily blunders committed on The Office. But even if you have solid HR practices and procedures in place (and your managers are devoid of any Michael Scott-like tendencies), your company may still be prone to a whole host of HR pitfalls that can have far-reaching consequences for the business. HR Is Not Just for Paper-Pushing Far too many companies take the wrong approach to HR overall, clinging to the old-school view of HR as a department full of transactional paper-pushers rather than […]

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How to Make One New Habit Remake Your Workplace

Winston Churchill said, “We shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us.” The same applies to habits. Form a habit, and it begins to form you, for better or for worse. Habits are where our lives and careers and bodies are made. If you want to change, change your habits. What is a habit? It’s doing one thing consistently and repeatedly until it changes your behavior. Crash diets don’t work because they don’t change habits. No, the way to get in shape is to go to the gym every single day. Do that for a month and you will start […]

IceHrm v16.0 for Open Source Edition

v16.0.OS for IceHrm Open Source Edition was released on 17th April 2016 with a lot of new modules, improvements to existing features and bug fixes Advanced Employee Management Module is now available with OS Edition This is a major improvement in v16.0.OS which will be one of the main reasons for your to upgrade your old icehrm installations to v16.0.OS. LDAP module for Open Source Edition The other new feature is LDAP login. Now in OS edition you can configure your LDAP server to be used for icehrm uses to login. For more information please check (http://blog.icehrm.com/docs/ldap/)[] Here is the […]

New features for opensource version in iCE Hrm v6.0

Notifications With new notifications module employees and managers will receive notifications for various event such as new leave applications, leave approvals, rejections and time sheet submissions. Improvements to leave module We have implemented long pending leave accrue and leave carry forward features in leave module. Also now employees are able to see their leave entitlement. Time sheets made easy Adding a time entry to a time sheet was bit messy in previous versions. But now we have changed our date controller to make it much easier for users to add time entries. Apart from that now admins can make all […]