Time Off Request Form

Time-off requests can be daunting for HR professionals, presenting them with various challenges and concerns. IceHrm time off module can help you eliminate these issues so you can be more effective and productive.

Online Time Off Request Form

Using the IceHrm leave request form, employees can apply for different types of leave such as sick leave, annual leave, work from home, and so on. You can define any type of leave within the system according to your organization’s leave policy.

Effortless Leave Application

Employees can apply for full-day leave, half-day, and hour-long leave depending on the employee’s requirements. For the employee’s convenience, a summary of approved, pending, and available leave is shown when applying for a leave.

Leave Calendar

With the IceHrm leave calendar, employees can see who is on leave on a specific date with just one glance. This feature helps the staff allocate tasks efficiently depending on the availability of employees.

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