Attendance Management

Track every bit of time spent using IceHrm Attendance Management. Using IceHrm you can track the clock-in and clock-out times of employees accurately, generate attendance reports, and so much more.

Punch In and Punch Out

Let employees mark attendance using IceHrm. You can allow employees to either punch in by manually entering the time or get the department time automatically when punching in, this will make sure all employee attendance records are accurate. The admin will be able to see the attendance status of all the employees in one place.

Additionally, IceHrm lets you import attendance data for efficient attendance management by reducing time consumption.

Mark Attendance with IceHrm Mobile App

With IceHrm mobile app your employees can easily punch out and punch in through their mobile devices. The employees will also be able to see their attendance history through the mobile app.

GPS Location Tracking

IceHrm mobile app lets you track the GPS location of employees when they mark attendance. With this feature, you can view the exact location of your employees’ when marking attendance in Google Maps.

Attendance Records for Payroll Calculations

In IceHrm, an advanced HR management software, you can easily retrieve attendance information for your payroll calculations. By tracking employee attendance and time worked, IceHrm enables businesses to automate the process of calculating wages and salaries, ensuring that employees are paid correctly and promptly. This integrated approach streamlines payroll operations, minimizes errors, and enhances efficiency, ultimately contributing to a seamless and transparent payroll process within organizations.

Attendance Reports

With IceHrm you can generate various types of reports including attendance reports. You can generate attendance reports by the employee and also select the time period as well. These accurate reports will help you and your team in tracking employee attendance and also help you make the right decisions.

Time Sheets

IceHrm timesheets is a comprehensive time tracking tool that enables employees to input detailed time entries for the projects they have worked on and the duration of their engagement in each project. This streamlined process enhances transparency and accountability within the organization, ensuring precise and efficient tracking of employee hours and project timelines.

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