IceHrm timesheets module lets employees add detailed time entries regarding the projects they are working on.

Track Time Spent With Timesheets

IceHrm timesheets let employees add time entries with details on the projects they have been working on and for how long they have been working on every project. Once the employees have entered all the time entries they can submit their weekly timesheets and then the supervisor/approvers will be able to verify the entries and either approve or reject the timesheets.

Timesheet Reports

IceHrm lets you download timesheet reports of your employees within just a few clicks. This report contains details like employee ID, employee name, start and end dates, total time, and the status of the timesheet.

Timesheet Hours for Payroll Calculations

You can easily get the total hours of approved timesheets in the payroll module and use this data for your payroll calculations.

Other HR Related Features

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Asset Management

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