Absence Management Software

With IceHrm Absence Management Software, you can manage absences with ease. Simplify the process of creating policies and make it easy to request and approve time off with IceHrm. Invest in a fully automated absence management solution to enhance employee experience.

Automated Leave Calculations

Easy Policy Creation

Create and customise accrual and absence policies according to regulations regardless of the location of your teams.

Leave Requests

Easy Time Off Process

With IceHrm Absence Management System, you can save time spent on processing leave requests. Once an employee applies for a time off request, the supervisors and approvers can approve the leave request with just a few clicks.

Leave Entitlement and Leave Calculations

In Detail Employee Leave Entitlement

IceHrm calculates employee vacation and shows employees their remaining leave balance along with the number of approved, pending leave requests. To help employees understand their leave calculations, IceHrm provides a detailed calculation report for each leave type.

Leave Calendar

Instantly View Absences

Using the IceHrm simple leave calendar, you can see which employees are on leave and plan your work accordingly. This feature can help you evaluate leave requests and take the correct decisions early on.

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