Leave Management System

IceHrm’s online leave management system is an easy-to-use tool that can help you track employee absences effectively.

Automated Leave Calculations

Track Any Type of Leave

With the IceHrm leave management application, you can track any leave type you want. You have the ability to define a leave color for each leave type so that you can distinguish leave types easily on the leave calendar.

Leave Calendar

Employee Leave Calendar

IceHrm employee leave management system provides a calendar with all employee leave requests. Each leave type is color coordinated so you can instantly understand the leave types employees have taken.

Leave Requests

Online Leave Requests

Employees can apply for time off within few clicks using IceHrm online leave management application. The supervisors and approvers can view the time off requests on their accounts and approve the requests instantly.

HRMS Leave Management Features

Leave Management

Leave Management IceHrm Leave Management System includes features and tools to help you manage employee leave requests efficiently. IceHrm will automate leave calculations for you to eliminate errors and increase accuracy. Related HR Modules

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PTO Tracking Software

PTO Tracking Software IceHrm leave and PTO tracking software is a tool designed to help you efficiently track and manage leave requests. Related HR Features

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Vacation Approval Workflow

Vacation Approval Workflow With IceHrm’s leave management software, you have the flexibility to personalize the approvers individually for each employee Related HR Features

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