IceHrmPro Support

Installation support

After purchasing IceHrmPro we will provide you support via email to complete the installation process. Installation support will only be provided if the client is facing any issues during the installation.

Before purchasing IceHrmPro we recommend you to install IceHrm Opensource edition on your server and check if the application is working as expected, including the mobile application. So that, if there are any installation issues you can resolve these even before purchasing IceHrmPro. If IceHrm Open source is working on your server, IceHrmPro will also work as expected on same hardware / software setup.

IceHrm team will not be responsible for installation issues occur due to restrictions on Operating system or other supporting software version incompatibilities. Still we will make reasonable efforts to help you install the software in your current hardware setup.

Also if needed we can, help you to install necessary software on a server owned by you and perform the installation of IceHrm.

Note: installation support will only be provided once per purchase. Will only be available during first 60 days after the purchase

Interfacing with customers internal services

It's the customers responsibility to setup services such as SMTP servers and LDAP connectivity. IceHrm will not support setting up such services for free. But if required we can provide these services at an hourly rate between 40 USD to 70 USD

Maintenance support


When a customer complied about a bug, we investigate the issue and if we conclude that it's a general issue (not specific to the customers hardware / software setup), we make a fix available within 2 weeks.


Customers are entitled to request customization for the software as a paid service. IceHrm team at their discretion can work on customization, based on the availability of the resources.

Software upgrades

Customers are responsible for downloading and installing upgrades made available by IceHrm time to time. IceHrm team will be responsible for providing support only if an existing features were affected by the upgrade.

Service levels

Currently we only offer basic support level, which includes responses via email within a single business day.

Development Support

We provide paid developer support case by case basis. Customer needs to first request developer support mentioning number of support hours required and a brief overview on type of support required. Then IceHrm team will be sending an estimate for support request. Support will be provided after the customer accepted the estimate for support services.

Effects of third party customizations

If there are any customizations done by you or any other third party to IceHrmPro code base, customer should be responsible for upgrading the software without affecting customizations.

Also, IceHrm team is not responsible for any bugs or unexpected issues occur due to any third party customizations.