Employee Information Management

IceHrm Employee Management Module lets you store employee information securely. With IceHrm Employee Management, you can retrieve employee records instantly, keep track of employee history and so much more.

Store Employee Information Securely

With IceHrm you can quickly store and retrieve your employee records. You can define custom fields to change employee forms according to your needs. IceHrm is designed to be an employee self-service application, but at the same time, you can control which information can be updated by the employee. Once you add an employee to the system, you can upload documents, add attendance records, and do much more.

Employee Data at Your Fingertips

IceHrm has filtering and search options that will help you find the information you are looking for in a fraction of a second. You can retrieve information about a single employee including skills, languages spoken, certifications completed, and documents related to the employment with just a few clicks. IceHrm also shows each employee’s current time according to the timezone to understand their availability.

Employee History

From time to time, you might have to make changes to different information related to employees. IceHrm Employee history module tracks all the changes made to employee information. Employee history keeps track of old information, new information when the values were changed, and so on. If you need additional information about employees, you can use the data collection module in IceHrm.

Custom Employee Fields

The fields provided by IceHrm to store employee information might not meet all your requirements. To solve this issue, IceHrm lets you add custom fields to the employee management module, so you can store all the information you need in one place. The custom fields feature can be used for other modules such as the assets module.

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