Document Management

IceHrm Document Management Module lets you and your employees upload documents and retrieve documents within seconds.

Company Documents

Share Documents With Employees

Use the IceHrm Document module to upload and share company documents with employees. You can decide who has access to the company documents you upload. All your company documents will be in one place to make it easy for you to retrieve the document you are looking for. You can share company documents with only specific employees or even with specific departments.

Categorize Employee Documents

Categorize Employee Documents

You can define the type of documents you want employees to upload to IceHrm. Once the document types are defined, when uploading a document your employee should select the correct document type. You can filter employee documents using either the document type or the employee name. Admins can upload employee documents on behalf of employees as well. You can also decide to whom each document is visible.

All the payslips generated using the IceHrm module will be automatically stored in the documents section for easy access.

Document Expiry Date

IceHrm lets you and your employees add expiry dates for the documents you upload. When a document is expired, the employees will get a notification. Once the employee receives the notification, they can either update the document or take any other relevant action.

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