Creating a Company Document in IceHrm

In IceHrm, you can use the company documents section to share policies, announcements and other important company details with your employees. You can upload documents or create a document within the system using the details section.

In the details section, you are able to add headings, lists and use other formatting options to create a proper announcement or document.

Let us see how you can use this feature to share details with employees in a structured manner.

Go to Manage -> Documents -> Company Documents and click on Add New.

First give the document a name and start using the editor in the details section to create a document as shown below with your information:

In IceHrm, you can decide which departments or employees have access to company documents. Explore how to change the visibility of a company document.

Once you have added a company document and shared it with your employees, your employees will have to login to their accounts and go to Documents -> My Documents -> Company Documents and click on View.

This is how a company document created using the editor will look like to an employee:

Click here if you want to learn more about the IceHrm Documents Module.