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Employee Information Management

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Store Employee Information Securely

Store Employee Information Securely

With IceHrm you can quickly store and retrieve your employee records. You can define custom fields to change employee forms according to your needs. IceHrm is designed to be an employee self-service application, but at the same time, you can control which information can be updated by the employee.

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Employee Data at Your Fingertips

You can quickly retrive information about a single employee including skills, languages spoken, certifications completed and documents related to the employement. Also IceHrm can help you answer questions such as which employees speaks a given language.

Employee Data at Your Fingertips

Track Changes to Employee Data

Track Changes to Employee Data

Employee history module of IceHrm can be used to track all the changes made to Employee profiles, so you can always see how the employment relationship evolved over the time.

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