Leave Rules

 IceHrm’s Leave rule feature serves as a powerful tool for organizations to efficiently manage and customize their leave policies.

The Essentiality of Leave Policy in IceHRM

IceHrm’s leave rule feature empowers organizations to personalize leave policies for individual employees. This capability is particularly valuable in cases where certain employees might have unique leave requirements or are entitled to special privileges or restrictions. In IceHrm, users have the ability to add leave rules based on various criteria such as job title, department, and employee. This feature allows organizations to customize their leave policies and ensure accurate and consistent leave management.

Work Experience-Based Leave Allocation

In IceHrm, users can create a leave rule based on the required experience of employees. This means that employees need to have a certain level of work experience before they can be eligible for specific types of leave. This feature helps in creating fair leave policies and accurately managing and distributing leave entitlements for employees

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