Leave Reports

With IceHrm HR software, you have the capability to generate leave reports. These reports are designed to assist you in tracking the leave status of employees, employee absences tracking, and making well-informed HR decisions

Comprehensive Leave of Absence Reporting Solution: Uncover Valuable Insights

Using these reports, users can benefit from various advantages such as better decision-making and gaining valuable insights. The ability to download the reports in a CSV format provides flexibility in data manipulation. These reports serve as a valuable resource for understanding employee leave trends, identifying patterns, and making informed decisions based on the insights derived from the data.

Employee Leave Report

The employee leave reports provide a comprehensive list of all employee leaves, categorized by employee, data range, and leave status. This report allows you to easily track and analyze employee leave patterns and statuses within a specified time period.  You have the option to download the report in CSV format by simply clicking on the designated download button.

Employee Leave Entitlement

This report provides a comprehensive listing of employees’ leave entitlement for the current leave period. It allows you to view the leave entitlement either by department or by individual employee. By utilizing this report, you can easily track and manage the leave entitlements of employees within specific departments or on an individual basis. This information is valuable for ensuring accurate leave allocation and maintaining proper HR leave management practices.

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