IceHrm Timesheets in Detail

How to let employees add task details when filling timesheets?

In IceHrm there is an alternative way to add timesheets. This is useful if you want to add additional details like the task the employee was working on with the exact start and end time to the timesheet.

In order to activate this follow the below step;

  1. Go to System and click on the Setting option
  2. Under settings select the system option
  3. Set the Timesheet Entry Start and End time required to “Yes”

Then when the employee is editing the timesheet the view will be different and he/she should be able to add more details.

How to create detailed timesheet with task details using IceHrm?

In IceHrm employees can edit timesheets under Time management, Click on Time Sheets. Then you can select any week which you would prefer to edit. The current week timesheet is automatically created and timesheets for past weeks can be created by clicking the “Create Previous Timesheet” action button on a timesheet.

This is the way of entering data to the timesheets.

You can go to the specific date and click on the column and enter the data

Under this, you are able to select a different project as well. Then you can fill the details and Submit.

Downloading “Employee Time Entry Report”

To get this,

1. Log in to the Admin account

2. Click on the Amin Report and select Reports

3. Under Reports, you can find the Employee Time Entry Report option

4. Click on the Arrow to Download

5. Fill the fields as your requirement and Download

How to download the monthly summary of work done as a user in IceHrm?

To do this,

  1. Go to User Report and Click on Reports
  2. Under the Reports, you will be able to find Client Project Time Report
  3. Click on the Arrow to Download

How to compare the time using IceHrm attendance and timesheets?

  1. Log into the Admin Account
  2. Under Insights, Select Time and Attendance

Check into for basic usage of timesheets.