HR positions should be redesigned to accommodate mixed work.

We have a chance to create something new, something different, something better in terms of the workplace as we get out of the worst of the pandemic, but to do this, people professionals need to step up their game.

The following summarized the focus for people professionals in the Icehrm forward-looking assessment of what the year 2030 would hold for the people profession:

  • Internal Change: Adapting Organizational Models, Structures, and Procedures
  • Transformation brought on by technology and digital
  • A diversity and inclusion strategy and shifting demographics changing the nature of your working connections
  • Business ethics, purpose, and sustainability

Tomorrow is now

The Covid-19 epidemic has made these locations more prominently significant. Many people now approach work differently, and the organizational structure has evolved to reflect this. Our organizations use technology increasingly more to connect people and deliver services, creating a never-ending supply of data that can be used.

Since many people have never experienced it before, the nature of remote and hybrid work presents opportunities as well as issues related to inclusion and belonging. To assist organizations in adapting to shifts in cultural perceptions of work/life balance and wellbeing, types of working arrangements have evolved and are likely to do so in the future.

For us as human resources experts, this shifting environment presents difficulties. We must adjust because our skill set has altered.

For human resources experts, what has changed?

Enhancing their knowledge and skills in these areas should be a top priority for many professionals:

Technology competence

Since a large portion of our services will be provided through technology, we must be confident in our knowledge of the data it contains and ensures that end users are utilizing it to its fullest potential.

Creation and development of organizations

If the nature of the work, when it is done, and where it is done change, this will require job redesign, team development, and adjustments to other aspects of the organizational structure. We must be able to assist the business in making these changes successfully.

supporting team and organizational health in addition to individual health

This calls for concentrating not only on the variables that can affect wellness but also on cultural cues regarding team health and moral concerns on how businesses conduct themselves and are viewed by their constituents.

Utilizing data

Given the decreased quantity of face-to-face work and the diminished ability to “see” what is happening, we need to be more at ease using data to learn more about what is happening in the organization. This is related to all the concerns made above. We must assist teams and their leaders in identifying the data they require for efficient operation as well as in querying and analyzing it.

Additionally, we must make sure the organization is aware of the information that must be acquired and applied in order to make judgments regarding individuals and assist it in doing so efficiently. For everyone to perform better, we must communicate the appropriate intelligence to the appropriate individuals, groups, and organizations.

The creation of brand-new roles?

All of this may indicate that, without a complete shift toward generalist positions, new positions may emerge at the top of our profession:


Although frequently already existent in large teams, this position can be categorized as a back-office position. It must be more evident inside our teams and active on the front lines, choosing and utilizing the appropriate data and delivering the appropriate insight to the appropriate individuals at the appropriate time.

Experts in hybrid experiences

With a hybrid paradigm, the work is different and the experience is similar. For those who work remotely, in-person, or in a hybrid setting, we need individuals who can concentrate on this distinction and design and develop the ideal employee experience.

Health professionals

Focusing on team dynamics, psychology, organizational ethics, and culture is an option for professionals who are aware of the variables that affect people’s well-being.


Although frequently previously existing, integration into other positions is more common. However, we require experts who can guide others in determining maximum performance and the ideal circumstances in which to achieve it, utilizing an understanding of human behavior and psychology, coaching methods, and more.

We must adapt

Because work experience is expected to become more individualized in the future, we must be adaptable and avoid rigidly enforcing standards that apply to everyone. Frameworks and guiding principles are necessary.

To make it work, we must raise concerns that need to be addressed proactively, increase our visibility and reputation inside our organizations, and make sure we are the senior leaders who other senior leaders turn to for assistance.

We must refrain from working alone. The organization of the future requires a joined-up approach to the employee experience, meaning other functions need to be our partners in that approach so that all the touchpoints remote and hybrid (and face-to-face) employees have with the organization are smooth, supportive, and positive.

We should be adaptable enough to potentially redesign any position inside the organization, utilizing technology to its fullest capacity to enable people to customize their working lives to best suit all of their stakeholders.

We need to make sure that everyone in our organization is aware that the way things were prior to the pandemic and during the pandemic was not always indicative of how they could or will be in the future. Everything in the organization could alter, including interactions, decision-making, dispute resolution, and more. Today’s leaders play distinct roles. To successfully handle this transformation, they will require our assistance.

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