Employee Time Tracking Software

With the IceHrm time tracking feature, you can easily monitor your team’s productivity and ensure efficient time management.

Streamlined Time Tracking 

This user-friendly software allows you to effortlessly track and analyze the time spent on various projects to make informed decisions. Employees can add daily time entries and submit weekly timesheets so that their managers can approve the timesheets.

Timesheet Approval 

Through IceHrm weekly timesheets can be submitted and managers can through each timesheet entry in detail and approve/reject the timesheets.

Timesheet Graphs

IceHrm generates a chart that compares employee attendance hours and timesheet hours. This chart can help you understand how productive your employees have been throughout the day, week, or month. You can generate a chart for each employee in your organization.

Timesheet Reports

IceHrm generates detailed reports based on your time-tracking data. Whether you want to analyze your time allocation and improve your efficiency, the reports generated by IceHrm offer valuable insights to fuel personal growth and development.

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