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Private Could Hosting

IceHrmPro® is a feature rich private cloud service for IceHrm. IceHrmPro® has all the features supported with IceHrm cloud and the ability to add modifications according to your company needs. Basically IceHrmPro® is the feature rich edition of IceHrm open source edition, hosted and manged by IceHrm team, for your company. As its a dedicated installation for your company you may request us to do any customization for your IceHrmPro® installation. Even though the code is customized, as the installation is managed by IceHrm team, we can make sure all the security patches and new features are available for your installation.

Scalable and Enterprise Ready

IceHrmPro® is ideal for organizations ranging from 50 to 20,000 employees in size. Our private cloud solution will make sure the application performs well regardless of the number of users. Your installation will be up to date with new releases and all the security patches.

icehrm enterprise, scalable, multiple servers

You Decide Where to Deploy

icehrm enterprise private cloud

You can decide where to host IceHrmPro and your data. We currently support hosting your application in US, UK, EU, China, Japan or Australia.

Customize According to Your Needs

We understand that every company has slightly different processes when it comes to handling HR. We can customize your IceHrmPro installation according to your company needs. It can be a change to color or a date format or it can be something bigger such as building a new module to manage employee benefits. Also we provide support configuring payroll calculations.

icehrm Customize According to Your Needs

  • Store your sensitive Employee Data with bank level security
  • Automate Employee Leave/Vacation/PTO Management
  • Manage training courses and training sessions with IceHrm Training Module
  • Store and manage Employee Documents securely. Use Amazon S3 or your server
  • Track and approve employee expenses
  • Conduct performance reviews
  • Configure payroll and generate payslips
  • Let your employees generate reports
  • Yearly payments. 40% discount on annual fee after the first year
  • Select a custom domain. e.g you can host your IceHrmPro under
  • Decide where your data is hosted.You own your data. You can decide to move out of IceHrmPro private hosting anytime.
  • Change your plan anytime. You will be charged only on pro-rated basis
  • Customize IceHrmPro with development support from our partners
  • 24/7 Email support
  • Access to support slack channel. Ask your questions via chat anytime


Number of Employees
Yearly Subscription Fee
Data / Document Storage

  • Upto 50
  • Upto 100
  • Upto 150
  • Upto 200
  • Upto 250
  • Upto 500
  • 499 USD
  • 799 USD
  • 999 USD
  • 1149 USD
  • 1249 USD
  • 1999 USD
  • 50 GB
  • 75 GB
  • 100 GB
  • 125 GB
  • 175 GB
  • 225 GB

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