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IceHrm Pro ® is a feature-rich alternative to IceHrm Open Source edition. It can be deployed on-premise in your own servers just like the Open Source edition. IceHrm Pro® will be the ideal solution to keep your employee details behind your company firewalls while getting full advantage of the additional features supported by IceHrm Pro ®.

Scalable and Enterprise Ready

IceHrm Pro® is ideal for organizations ranging from 50 to 20,000 employees in size. IceHrm Pro® comes with support for deployment on multiple servers, meaning you can easily scale up from a single server setup to a company-wide implementation having load balancers, multiple frontend servers and scalable database servers.

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Easy Deployment and Private Cloud Solutions

icehrm enterprise private cloud

As an additional service, we can help you to set up a private cloud on Amazon Web Services and help you deploy the application. You may use our public AMI (Amazon Machine Images), pre-configured with Debian Jessie, Nginx and MySQL to create your own AWS EC2 environments for IceHrm. Also, if you would like to deploy IceHrm on AWS after the purchase we can help you to create your installation.

  • No need to store your sensitive Employee Data on a third party server?
  • You can Automate Employee Leave/Vacation/PTO Management?
  • Manage training courses and training sessions with IceHrm Training Module
  • Store and manage Employee Documents securely. Use Amazon S3 or your server
  • Track and approve employee expenses
  • Conduct performace reviews
  • Let your employees generate reports
  • Non expiring license for selected number of employees
  • Purchase blocks of additional employees licenses at a fixed rate of 300 USD per 100 Employees
  • 12 Months of free upgrades
  • Optionally you can renew your license every year to keep receiving new upgrades after the first year
  • Free deployment support on AWS, Linode or DigitalOcean
  • Free support for 1 year ( Please note that the support do not cover development support if you intend to make modifications to the source code, in that case you need to purchase a developer support plan.)
  • Full Source Code Available without any Encryption or Obfuscation

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