360 Feedback Software

IceHrm 360 Feedback tool is designed to help you streamline your performance evaluation process.

Design Customized Templates with IceHrm

IceHrm 360 feedback software allows organizations to create customized employee evaluation criteria that accurately measure success, growth, and challenges. With this powerful tool, businesses can easily design comprehensive performance evaluations

Maximize Growth with Peer Feedback

IceHrm 360 feedback software enables organizations to gather feedback from peers, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate assessment. This feedback helps to identify areas for improvement, ultimately leading to a more productive and efficient organization.

Monitor All Employee Goals At One Place

Track Employee Goals

IceHrm lets you create employee goals and both managers and the employees can keep track of the progress of the goals. You can view employee goals in one place so that you can effectively analyze the progress of each employee.

Other HR Features

Time Sheet App

Time Sheet App IceHrm’s timesheets feature revolutionizes the way you collect and analyze timesheet data, eliminating the need for manual paper-based processes.  Related HR Features

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PTO Tracking Software

PTO Tracking Software IceHrm leave and PTO tracking software is a tool designed to help you efficiently track and manage leave requests. Related HR Features

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Work Time Tracking Software

Work Time Tracking Software Make every second count with IceHrm time tracking software. Related HR Features

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Leave Accrual and Carry Forward

Leave Accrual and Carry Forward Leave accrual and carry forward policies helps maintain employee satisfaction, work-life balance, and compliance with labor laws Related HR Features

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