Performance Reviews and 360° Feedback

IceHrm Performance Module contains all the tools and features you need to conduct performance reviews that will be beneficial to you and your employees.

Customizable Review Templates

Customize Templates for Performance Reviews

IceHrm performance review software lets you create customized templates so you can conduct performance reviews and evaluate employees according to your organization’s criteria. You can choose which types of questions or field types should be included in your performance evaluation template.

Self Feedback Template

Let Employees Provide Self Feedback

Once the performance evaluation templates are created, you can assign these to your employees. Your employees will be able to log into their accounts, reflect on their performance, and provide self-feedback.

The employee will be able to view reviewer feedback, employee goals, input progress of employee goals, view peer feedback, and so on.

Goal Setting with IceHrm

Set Realistic Goals With IceHrm

Using IceHrm 360-degree feedback tool you can create goals for employees and keep track of the progress of the goals.

Once an employee goal is added, the employee as well as the manager can input the progress of the goal. This will help both the employee and manager to review the progress correctly and to identify whether both of them are on the same page regarding the progress of the goals.

Monitor All Employee Goals At One Place

Monitor All Employee Goals At One Place

With IceHrm performance evaluation software, you can monitor all your employee goals in one place. You can view the progress of each employee goal, filter goals by the employee and so much more.

Having all the employee goals with the progress bars in the same place saves you time and makes analyzing and monitoring employee progress easier.

Peer Feedback

Peer-to-peer Feedback

Using IceHrm performance review software, you can easily conduct peer-to-peer reviews with a few clicks. Peer reviews help employees gain an understanding of their weaknesses as well as strengths.

You can create peer feedback that suits your requirement and assign these to employees. Once the peer feedback is submitted the employee, the manager can view the feedback results.

Reviewer Feedback

Reviewer Feedback

With the help of peer feedback and employee self-feedback, the reviewer can provide feedback to the employees. This option can even be used to remind employees of missing feedback or to note down important information for future reference.

This feedback can be viewed by both the reviewers and the employee.

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